Positive Reinforcement to Improve Workplace Culture

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One of the best ways to improve the team culture at your workplace is through positive reinforcement. It’s a powerful leadership tool because it promotes a rewarding work environment where employees achieve their goals and flourish in their positions on the construction site. But you still have to know how, when, and where to use positive reinforcements if you want to see results. Roebuck Staffing, your construction staffing Greenville NC agency took the initiative by creating the following positive reinforcement guide to help you understand exactly what it is and why it matters so much to enhance team culture.

The Basics

Based on the operant learning theory researched by American psychologist B.F. Skinner, employers, parents, teachers, anyone who is of the hierarchy should reward the behaviors we want to continue to see. There are different types of reinforcement such as positive, natural, and social. 



Examples of positive reinforcement

One of the biggest mistakes that managers in the construction field make is that they assume their employees know when they have done a good job, and rely on natural reinforcement. Praising the efforts of your employees is as easy as: 

While using positive reinforcement, remember to try and avoid favoritism. If one team member seems to be getting constant attention, the others will feel discouraged and their productivity and attitudes will suffer. Try to focus on rewarding your team as equally as possible. If one employee seems to be outshining the others, try to think of ways to encourage the rest of the team. Also, try not to over-do the positives. While people love to be appreciated, if you walk around saying “Great job!” all day long, it will lose meaning quickly. 

The construction industry already experiences a difficult time with return rates and construction staffing Greenville NC. Implementing positive reinforcement in a group setting will give your staff something to work towards and strive to achieve will not only keep your employees happy but dedicated to their jobs and the performance of their work! If you are experiencing a difficult time with your construction staffing Greenville NC, contact Roebuck Staffing today. 

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