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Steps to Landing the Right Job

We all have dreams and aspirations and that’s an amazing thing that one should never loose. However, there comes a time where we must be honest about our abilities not only with others but ourselves as well. We have to look within ourselves and see our ability and pick a realistic way to reach our next […]

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The Importance of Communicating with your Staffing Agency

A staffing agency can provide many opportunities that are not otherwise available, because of today’s job market many companies of all different varieties are using staffing agencies to fulfill their employment needs. This means that these opportunities are lost to you unless you contact and keep a good relationship with the staffing agencies recruiters in […]

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Phone Etiquette for Job Seekers

It may seem silly that I am posting solely based on how to speak with potential employers via telephone…however it is a skill that many applicants lack. They are nervous, unprepared, and not clearly giving or receiving the right messages. I hope to shine some light on helpful hints on how to effectively and professionally […]

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Advantages of a Staffing Company

Depending on what perspective you are looking from staffing companies can hold great benefits for both the employer and the employee. The objective of the staffing companies is to bring the right person to fill a position. From Employee Perspective: Provide incite to job listings that would otherwise be unavailable to job seekers. Instead of […]

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