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Roebuck Staffing takes pride in our employee pre-screening process to provide our clients with the best candidate for employment. Knowing your business and employee job descriptions helps us determine which employees to provide for job placement. Roebuck Staffing assumes all payroll liability relating to workers’ compensation insurance, state and federal unemployment insurance, Medicare, Social Security, and all administrative costs. Upon request, we also will provide criminal background checks and/or drug screening. Below are our staffing and payroll options and information needed to quote bill rates:


Temporary employees are for short-term or indefinite time periods. They allow for flexible support, yet meet specific needs. All temporary hires are contracted for a minimum of 4 billable hours per day. Temporaries can be used as needed, or indefinitely, to fit your business needs.


Temp-to-Permanent employees allow for uninterrupted productivity with the option to transition them into a long-term position. A Temp-to-Perm employee may be hired at any point, subject to terms and fees, if applicable, as outlined in the client contract.


Direct hiring is a streamlined approach to filling a permanent position. Submit to us your employee need and we will provide a prospect based on our extensive categorical database. There is a one-time finder’s fee which will be negotiated based on the nature of the position and extent of the search.


Roebuck Staffing can manage your payroll and assume all liability related to your state & federal unemployment insurance, payroll taxes, Medicare, social security, workers’ compensation, administrative responsibilities and more. We also, upon request, provide criminal background checks, drug testing, and motor vehicle record checks. This provides cost containment to maintaining full-time employees and budget constraints that prohibit permanent hires.


Our rates are competitive and flexible due to low-overhead. Special terms and conditions are considered for established volume clients. Workers’ Comp class codes, hourly employee pay rate, and estimated time period for employment needs are needed for us to provide you our best and most accurate bill rate.

Roebuck Staffing appreciates the opportunity to partner with you to meet your business needs. Please contact us today…

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